Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Well out of the two, i decided to go with 1337 Records!! Problem is; my parents don't like the name too much, and are beginning to talk me out of it. Arg. So here i go to find another name =P if nothing better comes along, i'll keep this one, but i'd love to find one that means more to me than 1337 Records. I thought about a few options, Black Hat Records (Taken) White Car Records (Lame) Howdy Dowdy Records (Just plain funny) and then i think i /might/ have a winner with this one: 5:16 Records. It flows well, and it means something to me... it's relating to the verse Matthew 5:16, which says "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven". It's the same verse i got LightShineDesigns from, and before that, LightShine Art And Cards (before it became Nathan Dowdy Fine Art) and it means a lot to me personally. At the same time, ehhhhhhh. Something doesn't feel /quite/ right about it. Talk me into it? Talk me out of it? Either way, i need your feedback on it. Any new ideas you might have? Tell you what: if you come up with a name that i like and use, i'll give you an awesome prize!!!! ...Not sure what that prize would be, but be assured of this: it WILL be awesome. Yes oh yes it will.



Emily said...

I like 5:16 Records the best. Mainly because it's pulling God into it. And you will probably get opportunities to talk about Him because of it :)

If I think of anything better, I will let you know!

Cara said...

I like it too!
(I also like Nathan Dowdy Fine Art :-)!)

Bloc hornet said...

I agree with emily, its a strong name, love your blog address aswell!

Get affordable Facebook Design said...

Yeh 5:16 records sounds ok, it's nice and easy to remember

primrose valley caravans said...

You should definitely go with what you think sounds the best, always use your instincts when it comes to these things :)
Hope this helps.