Thursday, March 4, 2010

I promised Lindsay this would be my next post.

And, i think Marissa gets the next one last i remember. I can't remember. Haha.

Anyway, Lou thinks i should cut and dye my hair this summer, and that i'll look like this:

No no not the random black guy in the back (though WIN on the photo bomb there, random black guy) but the legendary Shia labeouf there in the foreground. Yeah, i think it's a risk worth taking... i'm going to try it i do believe :-D But according to Lou i'll have to dye my eyebrows too, and i already have a scary propensity to look like a slightly cooler Joe Jonas, and his eyebrow, and apparently if i dye my eyebrows they'll be more distinguishable. Oh boy. Well we'll just have to all be in suspense to how this will ultimately turn out. Myself included.

On other notes, i have sworn a bitter and lasting hatred to my last unfortunate cell phone company, the horrid Virgin Mobile. I cut the cord on them last night, but nothing could have prepared me for the eternal horrors i experienced while accomplishing this task. But i have conquered, and i will never again look the devils in the face again. I am putting them behind me and am currently on a quest to seek a better phone company before Friday. May the Lord go with me on this journey.




Lou said...

. . . . . .

#1: I never EVER was informed you were intending to make this solution to your life a blog post.

#2: /You/, Nathan, told me about wanting to dye your hair. /I/ insisted that you also get it cut, yes.

#3: This brilliant photograph I found should be your goal. ;)

#4: If you don't want to look like you have no eyebrows, or that you dyed your own hair in the sink, you should get your eyebrows dyed.

And #5: ANYONE with a similar hairstyle to this, and TWO eyebrows that matched it would look better than Joe Jonas. ANYONE.

I'm looking forward in exaltation to seeing this on you. :)


Chelsey said...

1...go for the short hair and a nice change of pace...
2. dang way to hate on a phone company...i've never had a single issue with them...maybe its you :P

Nathan said...

1: me: Hey btw i'm looking for a good title for my new post

i've got "The ____ Third Attempt"
7:22 PM
Lindsay: Maybe... "I want to look like this in the summer" and put this in there


me: Haha i will at a later date



^ There you go - i basically promised you =P

2: Oh, well if i got it cut i would get it dyed, so i just posted the outcome of our conversation ;-)

3: Yes, it should. And it will. :-)

4: I shall, i suppose. ugh.

5: Hahaha well i'll take your word for it.

Chelsey: 1: thanks, i shall :-)
2: Oh goodness it's definitely not just me - i even thought that at first, until i went on 11 different forums and review sites and EVERYONE else had the same experience as me, and rated the company the lowest possible score. I'll have to tell you my horror stories with them in depth sometime but i'll give a brief overview now: they sent me 6 broken phones in a row, and wouldn't give me my money back for them. They charged my account 2 days early and caused many checks to bounce because of it, they've hung up on me after i've been waiting patiently on the line for most times 2 hours, they've been rude, patronizing, difficult, incompetent, and have outright lied to my face on so many occasions. I could go on complaining about problems with service, their horrid tech support, and other things, but i'll stop because i'm getting just too angry thinking about it haha. I'm glad they've been good to you though, you're like the only costumer they actually have been decent to... they really put the COST in costumer... ugh.

Chelsey said...

haha nathan did you have a plan or were you a pay as you go person?

yeah i've never had problems with them or their phones...i use the phones til they die of old age...and trust me they get beat up...but they dont die easy...i've had 3 phones in about 5 years...they have all worked hard for me! lol i still think its just you :D

Lindsay Taylor said...

^ Brief. teehee ;)

Nathan said...

I was pay as you go for a while, then about a year ago i switched to their $40 a month plan plus $10 texting, and it didn't matter either way they were awful. Well i used the UTStarcom bar phone they had until it broke because the thing is just so dang flimsy, and then i bought another one after it... and every phone i've ever had has had glitches in it, some so bad where the internet would go ut, it wouldn't send messages til days later, and the phone would even freeze indefinitely soetimes. It's ridiculous =P Oh it's definitely not just me - you're the only person i've ever met that actually likes them - everyone else i know or that has given them a review has hated them. But it's ok now, because i am with Straighttalk, and i have a very very nice slider full keyboard phone and for the same price i payed VM for 1000 n/w minutes and 300 anytime per month plus unlimited texting, i can get unlimited minutes all the time, unlimited texting, and unlimited mobile web plus unlimited calls to 411, with Straighttalk. And /they/ have good costumer service ;-)

Nathan said...

Sorry for the spelling errors, my keyboard is running out of battery life =P hehe

Emily said...

haha, Nathan. I do have one opinion about your hair. And that is that if you color it, your eye brows must match. You can not color your hair black and leave your eyebrows blond...that would look really weird.

I find it funny how strongly you feel about your phone company. haha, i think you should got rid of them forever ago since you hated them so much. I remember you calling them to yell at them so many times =P

Nathan said...

Ok Em, i'm kidding about the eyebrow dyeing thing - if i do dye my hair, i'll definitely cover the eyebrows ;-)

Well, if you knew them, you'd hate them too haha. Well i thought they were a necessary evil - didn't think i could afford anybody else. Now i'm totally unlimited, and making it one of my life's missions to turn as many people away from this miserable excuse for a company ;-)