Thursday, December 27, 2007

First post

well i just created this - might not be on much but what the hey. Thought it would be fun to get this... yall can read if you want lol

Lets seee... on a blog you're supposed to post thoughts, songs, stuff about your day, stuff like that so i guess i'll go ahead and write something of all three...

Well today was purty good - i spent about 3 hours under my computer doing some reconfiguring and stuff and it's working now :-) and then i talked to my good buddy Chad for a while and then checked email and stuff. Not what you'd call a shocking day (i have enough of those already lol) but still good in its own rights. I cant complain :-)

Lets see, maybe a thought or two here: i really like this line in a Fall Out Boy song: "How cruel is the Golden Rule when the lies we lived are only golden plated" That means when we act fake to people and show them fake kindness, it will come back on us because the people we're talking to are showing us the same. That hit me hard because too many times i'll be in a conversation with somebody i really dont like and i'll be showing them fake kindness and all that and then ten minutes later i'll be talking to the people i want to talk to and maybe having them act the same to me. I cant live like that and whats more God doesnt want us acting like that! Anyway just the thought of the day i guess lol...

Ok now for a song - last night i REALLY wanted to go to sleep (it was after midnight and i was real tired) but for some reason song ideas kept popping into my head >.< so i went to my computer and just started writing songs... i have no clue if they are any good at all so yall let me know :-) lol i'll post a few below...


In the mirror there's a mystery:
someone i dont know is staring back at me
Accusing, for all the time i've wasted
It's not smoke or mirrors, well it is

Hey you in the mirror,
dont you point your finger at me,
it's not my fault your Time was wasted,
well it is but i cant face, my face,In the mirror

I hide from my own eyes,
cant stand to realize
that this Time on Earth is running, running
running as fast as my tears
from my face, my face in the mirror

It cant be me i see
the man I see cannot be me
Dont stare at me that way,
i cant take this
i cant face, my face,
in the mirror
i cant face my face in the mirror

"brand new shoes"

I envy you, and your brand-new shoe
sone size fits all the Man says
as i shake my head for my too-small foot
and put the shoes back on the shelf
I feel for you, and your brand-new shoes,
as the sidewalk of questions wears down the tread
on your brand-new shoes,
and your brand-new soul
thinking, wondering, doubting,
Will your brand-new shoes
hold up in the rain of pain?

I wish, for you, and your brand-new shoes
this road was easy, this sidewalk spongy
and you and your brand-new shoes would not become
so brown as you, and your brand-new shoes fade
into the gray of the mundane

I beg, for you, and your brand-new shoes,
dont put them on the shelf
your shoes will become broken in
as you wear them,
and then, will they become
well-worn shoes
a treat for the soul

That's it for now... i'll see if i can post more later... BYA!


a sinner saved by grace said...

those are pretty good nate! and welcome to blog city :)

a sinner saved by grace said...

you are really bad at keeping up with blogs

Matt said...

I thought the first one was pretty good..didn't like the other one as much though.