Wednesday, March 10, 2010


That is a song co-written by Johnny Cash, Nirvana, Blue Oyster Cult, and New Order.

That's right.

An unknown genius producer apparently got ahold of the masters of "Smells like Teen Spirit" by Nirvana, "Don't Fear The Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult, "Hurt" by Johnny Cash, and a song i don't know by New Order, and arranged them into one absolutely brilliant song, combining Blue Oyster Cult's haunting guitar riff with Nirvana's bass line, New Order's acoustic guitar, and The Man In Black's plaintive unmistakeable vocals to get a blend of music spanning from 60 years ago till now. This is a true fusion, of both music and meaning. These songs, to me, are old friends... and yet to me they stood apart, in their separate meanings, and their separate musical genius: their separate entities. Incredibly, this radical new mix has taken these haunting classics and fused their distinct meanings to create it's own fresh meaning: in effect, a new song has been born from these past whispers of passion from great lost souls spanning these many generations... THIS is what i love about music: that even though the men who wrote these four songs that serve as this song's base lived completely different lives and experienced radically different joys and sorrows in days lived far apart from one another and completely separated and alienated from one another, their songs, the outpouring of their soul's deep wells of emotion and the window into their perceptions all mesh perfectly into one another to create something new and fresh, and, current. It shows that our generations truly are not as different from each other as we perceive them to be: we're all similar when we get down to it. We breath the same air, feel the same passion, love the same, grieve the same, fear the same, hurt the same, weep the same, exult the same, and worship the same. Our soul's fabric is woven from the same cloth: we are after all, made in our heavenly Father's image; every single generation alike. Only Time separates us, and what is Time? Simply a marker, an idea to look forward to and back on. In Heaven there is no time, and there will be perfect communion between believers regardless of generation or race or gender. How sweet it truly is to have a foretaste of that here in this world!! For me, this song represents unity. Unity between the past and present, unity between our ideas, unity between our passions. Are we any different than those that have gone before us? If you listen to this song, you will find it hard to disagree. All our experiences, all our lives, like this song, are co-written: Are we truly that different from those gone before us?


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