Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Paradox

Happy St. Patty's Day everybody!! I hope you wore green, or at least pinched someone. I did both of course, and someone almost kissed me, (I'm Irish) but that's a story for another time. I made a couple people lucky, researched some of my Family Tree with Lou, (who is also very much Celtic, so i had company in my greenness), and, pulled out my Irish accent. It was all epictacular of course. Here's a rather stereotypical Irish picture:

Ha-ha. I love how i get to be so racist, and no one can say a word because I really am Irish ;-) Of course i shamelessly bash all other races too. It's just what i do. I love everybody though. Really, I do. That does NOT mean i like everybody though. Ohhhh no, actually I

Well, let's just move on. Shall we? Yes we shall. (i love not giving you a chance to respond. It's my blog, i'll move on whether you want me to or not and there's not a doggone thing you can do about it, other than stop reading. Teehee ;-) ...Which you very well could do. But then i wouldn't like you too much. [See above.])


I was also informed of something very interesting. Lindsay searched my family name, and found this from :

The history of the name Dowdy dates back to a time before Irish names were translated into English. The original Gaelic form of Dowdy was O Dubhda. The first portion of the name comes from the word dubh, which means black, while the second portion is probably an obsolete Irish personal name. First found in county Mayo where they held a family seat from very ancient times. The family can be traced back to the ancient King Niall of the Nine Hostages, who in turn could be traced back to the Heremon Kings.

So how cool is that?? This is the part of the fairytale story where i find out i'm adopted and my immensely wealthy nobleman parents come and we have this big tearful reunion and triumphant classical music plays. Haha. Thank the Lord we don't live in a Disney movie, eh? But yes i thought it interesting that again i find that i'm of royal blood. That's right, again =P My grandmother's maiden name on my Father's side, MacDougal, was the ruling clan of Scotland for hundreds and hundreds of years. We even have a castle to prove it, actually ;-) My grandmother's maiden name on my Mother's side, Virgo, was the ruling family in Germany, in the province of Volkengen, which was dissolved in World War I, and my great great great great Aunt, the Countess of Volkengen, was forced to flee in the middle of the night from invaders attacking her castle, with nothing but the clothes on her back, her young son, and three immensely valuable diamond rings. She fled to a ship, and bought passage to America where she perished before she even made it to land, from the shock and despair of it all. Her son, Karl Marx (No, not /the/ Karl Marx) survived her and his daughter took the name Virgo, in marriage. Also, my mother's maiden name, Abernathy, was brought over on the Mayflower. Not proudly, (The first Abernathy in the New World was a prisoner of debt, he came to work a plot of land to pay it off. Maybe that's where i get that from =P) Not proudly, mind you, but still. I'm definitely proud of my family history, ask me about it and i'll tell you a hundred other stories - I'm not the only one in my family with a crazy life ;-)

Now to skip back to another part of the text i quoted. As you read, i found out today that the name "Dowdy" in it's original Gaelic means "Black". Let's pause for a moment.

Aaaaahahahahahahaha in your face Elijah.

Ok i just had to get that out. Anyway, I got to thinking how interesting of a paradox this is. See, the first part of my name interestingly goes along with this: "Nathan" means "God's gift" and "Aaron" means Light. My family always capitalized on the fact that my name means "God's Gift of Light". Well we left off the last bit... My name actually means "God's Gift of Light, Black." Certainly a darker twist on my name for sure.... 0.o Rather than expound on this i'm going to end it here, rather abruptly wouldn't you sa


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