Friday, March 19, 2010

Well today i topped 100 fans on my solo music project's fan page!! I'm pretty psyched, because now i get my custom fan page URL, and i can share my music high-quality with everyone outside of facebook!

(you can also check it out at and, but Facebook's music player quality is the best, you can listen to the music how it's supposed to sound like)

For those of you that haven't ever listened before, my music could best be classified as "Indie". I love every single musical style (except for mainstream/pop of course, but that's not really a musical style haha) and it's apparent in the music i make. I only have two songs up now (one, a very unique electronic/violin fusion version of O Come O Come Emmanuel, the other, an alternative acoustic song called "Satisfy" written by myself and one other) but more is very soon in coming. I'm working on an indie/progressive EP right now that will be mostly instrumental, and i have about 5 collaboration projects simmering on the burners as well that will soon be coming to fruition in the next few months. Please take a minute to take a listen, take a second or so to click "become a fan" and then take another moment, if you really like it, to suggest it to those who you think would also enjoy it ;-) Here's the link again, just because i believe in overkill =P

And here it is again, because i can. Hehe:


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